Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting Lanches Our Support Groups

Recently I had the opportunity to share my books and my extended mission on the healing of women with a wonderful group of people .  We had two hours together and that was not enough--- we did not want to stop.  So I will be meeting with women in two different locations in Mesa, Az , starting on November 3,2010, in the capacity of support groups for women.  Our goal is for women to choose to live an extraordinary life of hope, health, and inspiration.  Watch for the announcement of these locations.  The support groups will be free.  Please let me know if you would like to host a support group in your home for your friends.  We will have morning and evening meetings.

Well, I have missed You!
Due to numerous requests, I have recommitted to hosting the Abundance Class and
I would LOVE your input and ideas on what subjects and authors you feel
would increase joy and abundance in your life.

I am excited to begin this Thursday with Sarah Hinze!

Have you ever Wondered....

  • Can a child yet-to-be-born communicate with his or her parents?
  • Can a child not yet conceived be a guardian angel to its future family?
  • Do our souls exist in another realm before our births?

On Thursday October 14th

10:00 am

Sarah Hinze will share a remarkable collection of accounts of families that have had opportunity to meet the souls of their children before they were born.

These powerfully moving true stories will open a door to a wondrous realm from which those who are waiting to join us on Earth can speak to us and guide us.......

Sarah Hinze is a pioneer and one of the leading experts in prebirth studies (the study of the human soul before birth) and the eternal nature of the soul.

For more than two decades she has conducted scholarly research into ancient texts of many cultures as well as examining current scientific, psychological and religious works.

As part of her research, Ms. Hinze has conducted interviews to collect case studies and anecdotal evidence of “prebirth experiences” from hundreds of sources.

Thursday October 14th
10:00 am - 12:00

4220 E McDowell Rd
Suite #103
Mesa, AZ 85215

*****We Need Your Help*****
There are 300 orphans in Cameroon and most of their caretakers are blind.  There is a Dr. there named Sabine Lukes who is working with their government to get houses (little huts really) so they have real living quarters.  They are in need of any thing we can no longer use or are ready to part with.  Mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets, clothing of all kinds and sizes for adults and children, toys, books, games, pots, pans, tables, chairs, etc.  Most of the children are sleeping on plastic on the ground.  Anything would be used and appreciated.

There is a 40ft cargo pod leaving for Cameroon in the beginning of October about the 18th.  A scout in the Surprise Stake did this for an eagle project but not too many items were donated.  Since we have this big cargo pod leaving, it would be a shame not to fill it.

If anyone has any items to donate, please call Sabine Lukes at 480.236.2633 or Nancy Dolan at 602.703.9994.  They will be available to pick up this week or weekend when as you have items ready.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For women who choose to live an extraordinary life of health, hope and inspiration


For women who choose to live an extraordinary life of hope, health, and inspiration
We are like birds who have forgotten we have wings,
Kings and queens who have forgotten our royal heritage.
-Marianne Williamson
Some topics covered in the coming weeks will be:
1.  We create our life and our happiness.
Victor Frankl reminds us:  “Everything can be taken from a man or woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms-- is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.
2.  We have a choice as to how we work things out in relationships—we can do it with pain or we can have fun. 
3. We can stop feeling sorry for ourselves.  We can stop having “victim mentality”.
 .  Victimhood paralyzes us.  We are stuck in place and we loose hope.
     If the adversary of my soul wants to cast myself as a victim, I refuse to participate.
4.  We can incorporate playfulness into our life and change ourselves and those around us.
5.  Learn to live in the now.
6.  Learn how find a new identity, your true self, in wellness, in wholeness, and spirituality

This….and so much more. 
Guest will meet with us from time to time on the blog.  We will also be involved with various community and church volunteer programs (that you can recommend) to serve women and families around the world.

Each of us can be more aware—be more present—and have greater peace.  Within each of us is a flame that never goes out.  Find and rekindle that flame within yourself.
Love, joy, and peace come from within.  We can have flashes of positive experiences, but our job is for them to become permanent.      

Sarah Hinze: I enjoy counseling with women and families. I am also an international author and motivational speaker.  My husband Brent and I have nine children and a growing cluster of grandchildren. We live in Mesa, Arizona.

Come discover what the world wants you to forget, but God wants you to remember. 

Please e-mail me at: to schedule a counseling session.  I would love to visit with you.  I also do phone sessions, at your request.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello friends

Hello friends, new and old.

I am venturing out into the world of blogs, a world mostly unknown to me.  But I have been impressed to reach out.

I am a woman who has actively been seeking my own healing from the bumps and bruises of life for some time now.  I am just like you, born into an imperfect family. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my parents, even more as each new day arrives, but nevertheless,childhood had its share of  negative experiences.  Many of them were caused by my programming and how I choose to look at events. Research shows even falling off my tricycle could have caused me to be afraid of heights or could have conditioned me for failure.  There were also those who may have meant well, but whose words and behavior sometimes confused, pained and grieved me.  In summary,I have experienced a normal life like everyone else on the planet.

Then I grew up and met a wonderful and spectacularly handsome man (yes, Brent, you know who you are) and fell in love. Together we brought our burdens from childhood—baggage, if you will, into our home—we also brought painful and often unconscious programming to our marriage.  We began to unwittingly act out forms of behavior that were negative and unhealthy and that ended up hurting one another and our relationship.
For years, I thought—wow, life is so hard and I am so sad—but I guess that this is how life is meant to be.  Then, through the help of many good friends, I awoke from my sleep and realized I was living much of my life in an unhealthy and unproductive way.  I finally recognized the truth and said to myself, “I can change, I can do better.  I CAN be happy.”

Since that day, I have made many changes in my life, and with the Lord’s help, Brent and I have changed our patterns with each other and healed our marriage. I still have a ways to go and many hurdles I still look forward to overcoming, but I can honestly say that I’m happy. So, it is from that imperfect but much better place, a place where I am still growing, learning and experimenting, that I come to you.

I am very interested in my own healing, and because of the joy I have found after many long years of work, I am extremely excited to share what I have learned in my process to assist in THE HEALING OF WOMEN everywhere. I know within my soul that I/we are all children of God and have potential greater than we can imagine.  And I hope by sharing what I have learned, it may assist someone else in a faster healing than they otherwise would have obtained.

What exactly is healing?  The root word hale (as in “hale and hearty”) is the common root to words like whole, health, heal, and holy. I believe that healing is the process of becoming whole.  It is a way of life.  It is a life process of fulfilling all our potential, becoming all that we can be.  It is clearing the trauma of our past until we become at peace with ourselves and with the world.

Several of my children play the guitar.  Sometimes when I hear them practice, they have a string that is out of tune.  They correct it and that string resonates in harmony with the others.  Healing is the harmonizing of the unsettling frequencies within us.

 Another way to look at it is the peeling of the onion syndrome, as I put it. Let me give you an example.

 Years ago, I decided that I was ready to heal from a very traumatic experience.  As I put my mind to healing from this emotional injury, I prayed, read uplifting books, and focused on acting out wellness in my life. Sometimes when I felt awkward or puzzled about what to do, I would pretend that I was an actress on a grand stage. Surprisingly, that really helped.   From time to time, I was literally conscious that another unhealthy layer had fallen off my psyche, and had been replaced by a healthy new layer.  Today, I believe that event in my life is 95% cleared and has lost its power to hinder me.  Now I am working on healing other issues, but I can say, it is worth it. 

Take a leap of faith and risk to be healed.

We are all in need of healing.  Everyday in the earth school we have new lessons to learn.  Life is a continual process of healing and growing.  Every time we take a risk in the name of life, in the name of God, in the name of growth, we take a leap of faith into the unknown; we are healed in a deeper way.

To laugh is to risk appearing foolish.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try is to risk failure.
To live is to risk dying.
             -Author unknown

Join me as I explore many aspects of healing in my life and the lives of others.

I recommend the book Risk to be Healed by Barry and Joyce Vissell. Ramira Publishing, 1989.